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Company of advices and services created in 1957, Brelet realized ephemeral installations for trade shows and agricultural shows of the Atlantic coast. Since this time, we put at our clients, 60 years of expertise in the events, trade shows and ephemeral tents with more than 450 cases a year.
Demanding on quality and safety, compliance with standards is our spearhead as well as the control of environmental impact.

We are growing thanks to his performance noticed over the years as the World Cup in 1998, the Fashion Week at the Cour Carré du Louvre, the Thunders of Brest and most recently at the Alstom Open de France in 2015.

Brelet in numbers :
• 20 million of revenue in 2014

A team of one hundred employees

4 locations in the country: Regions of Nantes, Paris, Bordeaux, Strasbourg.

450 cases performed annually

Our trades

The diversity of our skills and the technical implemented solutions La diversité de nos savoirs-faire et les solutions techniques mises en œuvre harmonize through our 3 complementary trades :
• Event Trade
• Exhibition Trade
• Temporary Structures Trades

Our Location

Brelet is located in Nantes, Paris, Bordeaux and Strasbourg, which allows the company to cover all over France.

Our teams

Our teams consist of qualified specialists with their own field of expertise ( CAD,  Sales, Production...).

A bespoke expertise for each of your project with technical advices and support at your disposal.

We get involved in your event as our main goal is to make it a success.

Brelet is also a human-sized company where we favor the in-house evolution. We pass on our methods and our values to the newcomers.

With this active philosophy, it allows our staff to constantly evoluate. 

Our equipment

• Investment Policy
• Innovation Policy: Double Decker for instance or special parts improving your comfort and/or the efficiency of its purpose...
• Wide range of our structures allowing an adaptation to any configuration.
• Customization of our products to fit your requirements.
• Complementary services: bespoke branding, furniture hire...
• Capacity to cover 150.000 m2  in the Event trade (Structures) and 35.000 m2 in the Exhibition trade.


Risk Assessment and Health & Safety

• Respect of the French Labor Code by our teams and our subcontractors.
• Use of the legal individual protections on site and workshops.
• Respect of the rules peculiar to our trades.
• Training for handling equipment.
• Individual and collective safety applied to our subcontractors and temporary employees.


Anchored in a sustainable development policy, Brelet is committed to heighten awareness of its teams, subcontractors and suppliers on the interest to work according to environment-friendly rules.
We mobilize our employees in favour of the sustainability issues to minimize our impact on the environment: waste selective sorting, use of recycled products or certified wood PEFC....
Finally we collaborate with France Certification, approved organisation by ADEME